Customer Insights Research

Accelerator brings independence and objectivity to the process of finding out what will make a real, positive difference to your customers.


Data gathering – asking the right questions

We make sure we know your organisation’s context, vision, and culture to ensure that we ask the right questions. Many of our clients also see the value in us speaking to suppliers and governmental bodies that they interact with, and in some circumstances we can gain feedback from customers of their competitors.

We gather a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data, through the media most appropriate to the relationship and research objectives:

 Face-to-face interviews
 Tele-depth interviews
 Online surveys
 Facilitated discussion groups

Our experienced field research team can gather this data for on a periodical (for example, annual or biennial) or ongoing ‘monitoring’ basis (for example, with quarterly or bi-annual reporting) as appropriate.

Customer Insights Research/

All our research adheres to the
Market Research Society Code of Conduct


Analysis – messages, not facts

We employ multiple analysis methodologies to compare and contrast the results, and allow us to attach a relative weight to each finding.

Where other companies use software, we read each verbatim comment in turn (often several times over the course of a project) to ensure that we are truly listening to your customers.

We use our findings to help you understand:

 What is important to the customer
 How you are performing in relation to the above
 How your performance sits within the market
 The future – likeliness of referrals; your customers’ hopes, plans and needs; external pressures, etc.


Reporting – insights for action

We don’t pretend to know your business as well as you do. That’s why we give you a range of insights, potential opportunities and proposed actions for you to steer your own way forward with support as and when you need it.

In summary, we give you the ammunition to face the future with greater confidence.