Customer Service Fundamentals

Customer Service Fundamentals/

A one-day training programme for individuals who support and work with others to deliver service excellence to the external customer


Customer Service Fundamentals from Accelerator is a one-day training programme focusing on internal service and how support people influence the ultimate service that the external customers receive.   We employ a stimulating blend of activities, ideas and knowledge to encourage participants to think about who their customers are, their attitudes and behaviours and develop their skills to provide better support.


Areas of focus

  •  Recalling thoughts and feelings when being in the customer’s shoes
  •  Understanding and managing customer needs and expectations
  •  Bringing vision, values and strap-lines into action.
  •  Communication skills that leave customers with positive feelings
  •  Building rapport, questioning and active listening to establish needs


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  Helps build foundation for business growth through excellent service
  •  Shows ongoing investment in developing your customer service teams
  •  Helps build consistency in service delivery both for internal and external service
  •  Flexible exercises to cater for a variety of participant needs
  •  Timing and logistics tailored to meet business needs and fit around peak times