Growing a Coaching Culture

Growing a Coaching Culture/

A two-day programme, aimed at all managers and team leaders. The programme will help master the skills required to coach people in a way that enables them to reach their potential and empowers them to take ownership


Growing a Coaching Culture from Accelerator supports the development and promotion of people through the business, rather than looking externally.  Leadership styles are shifting more to one of a coaching, collaborating and challenging style, as opposed to the more traditional command and control approach.  This development programme will help master the skills required to coach people, enabling them to reach their potential and empowering them to take ownership. In turn, this will help grow your organisation through goal achievement.


Areas of focus

  •  What coaching is and how it impacts performance
  •  The role of a coach
  •  How to use the GROW model to plan, implement, evaluate and follow-up
  •  Using effective questioning and listening in the coaching process, keeping responsibility and ownership in the other person’s court
  •  Challenging and motivating people into action
  •  Dealing with more difficult people situations


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  More effective and less costly to develop and promote people through the business
  •  Improved empowerment and ownership through effective coaching
  •  Helps build consistency in the way people are led and developed
  •  Improved leadership quality through a coaching culture rather than traditional ‘command and control’
  •  Shows ongoing investment in developing your leader skills