How We Work

The 4D Approach

How We Work/

The 4D approach allows us to adapt to the unique nature of each organisation we work with, and provides the basis for a cycle of continual improvement.

 Discover: Understand the current context, perceptions and attitudes. Agree desired outcomes.
 Design: Form a framework for delivery. Shape content and communication.
 Deliver: Communicate. Pilot and/or test. Implement!
 Develop: Evaluate outcomes and gather insights. Agree follow-up actions.


Our values and working style

Four values underpin all of the work that we do: Trust, Enthusiasm, Professionalism and Flexibility.


We have a medium- to long-term focus: Whether we’re working on a one-off initiative for you, or we have become one of your long-term partners, we don’t pretend that behavioural change happens overnight.

We’re independent: Our independence also allows us to be objective, without bias from your internal perspectives. We’re not tied to one academic school of thought, instead relying on tried and tested approaches to ensure we adapt to the unique nature of each organisation we work with.

We encourage thought, reflection and discussion: We do this by creating a supportive and collaborative environment conducive to high performance.


We bring pace to change: We are often the driving force that ensures results are achieved with a sense of pace, by being hands-on and taking ownership.

We take everyone on the journey: Change is easier to make happen when all those affected have bought-in and are engaged (not always the same thing!). We place a great deal of value on communicating appropriately with all relevant stakeholders.


We’re a flexible resource: We can often scale up to deliver large projects at relatively short notice, without placing undue pressure on your in-house team. We are nimble problem-solvers with a ‘can do’ attitude.

We recognise that times change, and respect that every organisation is different: We don’t pretend to know more about your business than you do. We expect the unexpected from each project, and are open to trying things a different way.


We’re organised, efficient and easy to work with: We know that minimising ‘Customer Effort’ greatly improves B2B relationships and increases customers’ return on investment. That’s why we use our experience and expertise to prevent unnecessary involvement from you.

We continuously improve: Director input to every project ensures consistency of approach and quality, whilst our empowered team members take pride in continuously evaluating and improving the way we work.


Change that’s ‘made to stick’

When you invest in training, you want it to achieve your business objectives right into the medium- and long-term. This often means changing mindsets to change behaviour. That’s why all of Accelerator’s training is blended, energetic and thought-provoking.

We include interactive exercises that:

 Are grounded in real-life experiences
 Feel relevant to your business
 Offer a chance to see things from a different perspective
 Make an emotional connection
 Are simple to follow (refined, rather than dumbed down)

We also ensure that both academic content and interactive exercises are tailored to your business context, and to the individuals in the room.

This approach is informed by Chip and Dan Heath’s SUCCESs model for making sure that change sticks: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Stories.

It’s not the data you gather that counts; it’s what you do with it. We take the pain of data gathering and analysis away, providing you instead with key messages, themes, conclusions and decision options.

Our visioning workshops and values development provide further support in helping turn insights into action.