Management Accelerator Programme (MAP)

MAP requires commitment from your business and participants, but the rewards repay that investment with invaluable strength of leadership for the future.

The success of an organisation depends upon its ability to develop people not only to perform today, but who can drive the business forward.


Introducing the Management Accelerator Programme

The Management Accelerator Programme (MAP) usually lasts between one and two years, and is designed to intensify the development of a small number of people (up to eight per programme) who have demonstrated high performance and potential to fulfil leadership roles.

MAP is best positioned as an award for those who have delivered results, shown commitment and demonstrated future potential. Similarly, it should be aspired to by those who are ambitious and eager within the organisation.


Areas of focus

The programme itself consists of a series of between five and 15 workshops (at least 10 days is recommended) and assignments, focused on the application of skills learned and aligned to job roles.

Candidates are nominated and assessed for suitability based on a set of best practice competencies. This also allows the needs of the individuals and the group to be identified, enabling the programme to be tailored appropriately.

 Phase 1 is focused on developing a solid base of fundamental skills.
 Phase 2 is focused on delivering a complex project that participants plan, implement, evaluate and then present back to a panel of senior managers. Each project and its goals are aligned with each participant’s job role and business priorities, viewed as something over and above their ‘day job’ that supports business growth.
 Graduation recognises successful progression through the programme.


How will my organisation benefit?

Improved personal confidence and a higher profile and recognition within the organisation are clear benefits for individuals involved in the programme. These in turn lead to stronger loyalty, creating more stable business leaders in the future.

The workplace project provides an opportunity to deliver direct benefits to the organisation, whilst the programme in general acts as a tool to attract ambitious and talented people into the business. The creation of inspirational and skilful leaders also strengthens your leadership succession plan.