Management Fundamentals

Management Fundamentals/

A 3-day (minimum) programme covering the fundamental knowledge and skills required by every leader of others (may be longer than 3 days depending on modules selected)


Providing supervision and leadership for a team of people can be a huge challenge.  In order to be really effective in your role as a manager, you need to have an array of skills to deal with the variety of situations that you are presented with.  Communicating company messages, setting goals, making decisions, holding team meetings, dealing with conflict, delegating effectively and delivering bad news are just a few of the everyday situations that you might find yourself in.  Management Fundamentals is a modular programme designed to provide the confidence and skills to deal with these situations…and much more.


Areas of focus

  •  Communicating effectively
  •  Developing individuals to peak performance
  •  Using the Performance Management Cycle
  •  Driving teams to deliver results by working together
  •  Dealing with poor performance and difficult situations
  •  Manage communication process between ‘team’ and ‘organisation’
  •  Managing outside the norm – acting as a change agent


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  All managers gain fundamental management skills
  •  Helps build consistency in the way people are led and developed
  • Better retention through more effective manager-employee relationships
  •  Shows ongoing investment in developing your leader skills
  •  Reduces escalation of people issues to other parts of the business, eg HR / Executive team