Our Purpose

Accelerator was founded in 2000 with the aim of helping organisations become market leaders through their customer service reputation.

So how do you deliver great customer service? We believe it starts with your people, which means that strong leadership and effective management are vitally important to your organisational success. Both of these depend on giving your employees the right skills, tools and information.


Three key drivers inform our purpose:

Driver 1: Great customer service leads to greater profitability

 It’s been proven time and time again that customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty, which in turn leads to revenue growth and profitability (Heskett et al, 1994; Hall and Partners, 2010; ICS, 2011).


Driver 2: Customer service expectations are increasing

 Customers compare your organisation to others they have experiences with. The UK Customer Satisfaction Index has risen by almost 20% over the last five years, indicating that exceeding expectations is becoming ever harder.

 The rise of social media, e-commerce and personalisation of services are driving a new set of expectations from organisations.


Driver 3: Engaged, emotionally intelligent employees deliver better customer service

 Customer experience and behaviour is often governed by emotions (Lee et al, 2006), and your employees have the opportunity to impact on customer emotions – either positively or negatively (Gallup, 2007).