Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness/

A one-day workshop aimed at managing your time and managing yourself for maximum productivity


Taking personal responsibility and prioritising a varied workload is often a particular challenge for many people on a day to day basis.  This workshop is designed for participants to assess their unique time management challenges and gain the knowledge, confidence and practical skills to implement plans to improve their overall personal effectiveness across four key domains:

 The work
 Personal habits and preferences
 Interaction with others
 The organisation – processes, norms, structures and systems


Areas of focus

  •  Assessing and prioritising tasks/activities according to urgency and importance.
  •  Using self-awareness and self-management to improve effectiveness
  •  Using interactions & relationships with colleagues and managers to achieve greater overall efficiency
  •  Improving organisation of manual and electronic information and communications
  •  Influencing effectiveness in own area and beyond


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  Helps improve productivity through better organisation and time management
  •  Encourages all staff to consider ways of improving organisational processes
  •  Builds confidence in taking on new tasks or projects
  •  Removes blockages in project delivery through better task management