Power Hours

Accelerated learning, in bite-sized chunks!


Does your organisation need to achieve key learning outcomes across a large group in a short timeframe? Do you need to provide focus and energy to a project kick-off or conference event?

We can deliver a Power Hour workshop up to five times in one day, to groups of up to 20 people – that’s up to 100 people a day with a single trainer!


Power Hours/


Introducing Power Hours

Power Hours are hour-long, interactive learning workshops designed to energise and focus your teams, achieving key learning outcomes within a short timeframe.

Workshops can be designed to suit your business needs and delivered in small groups as part of the normal working schedule or larger groups as part of a conference or other event.

Each Power Hour is run by an Accelerator trainer and involves an introduction to the topic, learning activity and debrief. Learning activities can take the following forms:

 Case study
 Personal reflection
 Team exercise


Delegates could learn about

The specific learning outcomes of Power Hours are dependent on the topic choice however listed below are some pre-existing ideas:

 Ow, Wow … OK for Now – Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes
 Heads Up! – Gaining a service mindset that customers notice
 Service Sells – Using every interaction to build positive relationships
 1 + 1 = 3 – Using the power of teamwork to deliver more for your customers
 Sorted! – Resolving issues and building reputation


How will my organisation benefit?

The specific benefits to your organisation will depend on the final design of the workshop, but below are some common benefits of Power Hours in general:

 Achievement of key learning objectives / coverage of large groups of people within a short timeframe
 Relatively low-cost solution compared to a full training programme
 Focus on inspiring learners to continue their learning process or investigate the topic further
 Kick-start a new project, process or initiative with some learning