Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations/

A one and a half day programme, focused on the core skills that help deliver a great presentation.  Due to the need for practice, we recommend a maximum of 6-8 participants to be trained in one session with one trainer


Some of us enjoy being centre stage, while others find it nerve-wracking.  Whatever the preference, this programme will provide participants with the fundamental skills to be able to present professionally and effectively get across clear and powerful messages.


Areas of focus

  •  Identifying the characteristics of an effective presentation
  •  Preparing and structuring a presentation
  •  Techniques to help overcome nerves
  •  Using visuals to enhance the message
  •  Making good effect of voice and body language
  •  Being natural, using personal strengths and recognising development areas


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  Helps build foundation for better productivity through clearer communication
  •  Better external perception through clearer, more persuasive presentation
  •  Helps build consistency in communication style throughout the organisation
  •  Builds core skills for both internal communication and external representation
  •  Increased confidence amongst managers and teams faced with communicating key messages