It’s never easy making decisions that will shape your strategy for years to come, but it’s a necessity to stay ahead. Accelerator’s research services provide in-depth insight, helping you understand what will make a real, positive difference to the way you do business – now and into the future. It’s not the data you gather that counts; it’s what you do with it. We take the pain of data gathering and analysis away, providing you instead with key messages, themes, conclusions and decision options.


Our research solutions range from short online surveys and telephone interview programmes through to in-depth strategic reviews carried out face-to-face. We can take into account feedback from all stakeholders in your business, from customers and employees to suppliers and other industry influencers. We can also provide a picture of how you are seen compared to your competitors and what would give a real edge in the market.


We also offer other services to complete the picture, for example monitoring and analysing your calls with customers, or advising on questionnaire design. Our visioning workshops and values development provide further support in helping turn insights into action.


 Customer Insights Research
 Employee Engagement Surveys