A one-day programme to equip participants with the skills, techniques and confidence to handle complaints and other challenging customer situations, using Emotional Intelligence to positive effect


We only have to look at the press and social media to recognise the negative impact that a badly handled complaint can have on your business.  Reputation and customer relationships can be damaged and financial penalties can result.  Conversely, research shows that a well-handled complaint can actually increase customer loyalty.


To deal with complaints really well, people need to be able to recognise a potential complaint scenario, tune into the customer and tailor their response to meet the customer’s needs.


Areas of focus

  •  Identifying what a complaint is
  •  Latest research on handling complaints
  •  Applying Emotional Intelligence (EI) to complaint handling
  •  ‘Tuning in’ to customer concerns, as well as own thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  •  Core skills of dealing with complaints verbally and in writing
  •  Defusing difficult or emotional customer responses
  •  Using techniques and skills for saying sorry, demonstrating empathy and saying no
  •  Recognising and action upon key ‘moments of truth’


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  Contributes towards reduced escalations and more efficient issue resolution
  •  Helps build consistency in the way concerns and issues are dealt with
  •  Provides basis for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty following resolution
  •  Shows ongoing investment in developing your customer service teams
  •  Provides advanced skills using powerful concepts within Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  •  Successful participants gain CPD certificate to demonstrate professional development
  •  Timing and logistics tailored to meet business needs and fit around peak times