Spot on!/

A half-day workshop that equip participants with core skills, techniques and confidence to achieve the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail in their role


We can all improve performance through better accuracy.  However, the development of technology has reduced our perceived need to rely on our own accuracy skills. The use of mobile phones to store numbers, spellcheck and grammar check means we rely less on our own skills of observation.


This workshop will enable participants to produce high-quality, accurate work in their role,

pay attention to the day-to-day detail that can often get overlooked and ensure that work produced meets the needs of the recipients, whether internal colleagues or external customers.

Areas of focus

  •  Most common types of error at work and their causes
  •  How to model beliefs and behaviours of the most accurate people
  •  Understanding impact of personality type
  •  Brain/eye co-ordination and visual skills
  •  Dealing with long numbers
  •  Data transfer and copying
  •  Seeing detail from a different perspective (eg customer)
  •  Checking and proofreading work to a high standard


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  Reinforces the importance of attention to detail from many perspectives
  •  Reduces errors and re-working of tasks
  •  Provides foundation for improved customer satisfaction through getting things right more often
  •  Give the opportunity for ‘quick wins’ without large investment