The Emotionally Intelligent Facilitator

The Emotionally Intelligent Facilitator/

A one-day workshop aimed at anyone who trains or facilitates group sessions.   It equips participants with skills, techniques and confidence to deliver really effective training to small or large groups


Whether a full-time trainer, part-time trainer or just  facilitating team sessions,  managers need to engage participants in a learning experience that adds value and sustains behavioural change.  This workshop focuses on improving facilitation skills, techniques and confidence using the power of Emotional Intelligence (EI)


Areas of focus

  •  Setting up for success, gaining buy-in and creating the ideal learning environment
  •  Engaging and energising learners
  •  Using Emotional Intelligence to tune into needs and moods of learners
  •  Using creativity to enhance learning
  •  Debriefing effectively
  •  Responding to challenging situations in the training room
  •  Maintaining momentum and measuring impact


How will my organisation benefit?

  •  Creates internal training resource, saving external costs
  •  Improved engagement and retention of critical information by staff
  • Provides development opportunity for managers beyond normal job role
  •  Demonstrates investment in continuous learning within the organisation
  •  Widens skill-set of managers