Training Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel or postpone a scheduled Accelerator training course, please ensure that you notify our office immediately, by email or phone +44(0)845 260 6886.

We operate a tiered charging scale for cancelling or postponing courses, dependent on how close to the training date notification is made. Details are shown below.

Charges will be based on the agreed daily rate or ‘per participant’ rate, depending on the training course in question. They will also take into account any non-refundable expenses which may have also been incurred by the trainer.


Cancelling Training

Notified less than 14 days (10 working days) before course start date/time – 25% of training delivery costs, plus any non-refundable expenses, pre-work administration and cost of materials ordered in advance (if not already charged for)

Notified less than 7 days (5 working days) before course start date/time – 50% of training delivery costs, plus any used tools, materials produced, non-refundable expenses and pre-work administration

Notified less than 72 hours (3 working days) before course start date/time – 100% of training delivery costs including used tools and non-refundable expenses



1. If cancellation by individual participants results in very low numbers (i.e. 4 or less delegates), Accelerator reserves the right to cancel the course and apply the appropriate charge.

2. Where a training programme involves registration fees or other ‘per participant’ fees and a participant does not turn up for the training programme, if possible we will transfer to another participant. However this is not always possible.

3. Special consideration will be applied if last minute postponement is caused by unavoidable weather-related circumstances where journeys would clearly be difficult or impossible.

Effective from December 2017 until further notice.